WhatsApp Group Links Of 2020

To make our life easier and for fun, we can spend our time in the WhatsApp groups. But, this is so much tough to find active group links in Google.

In this world, many people are using social media for their work. If you are a businessman, funny, or helpful that everything is in this messenger.

WhatsApp Messenger is so much popular right now in India because it has easy navigation, awesome chatting experience and user-friendly for Android, iOS or Windows devices.

This is the main reason why every Indian people want to join active groups for passing their valuable time.

Rules Of Groups

Every group has its own rules. So, you must have to obey the rules if you want to stay safely in their community. The most common rules are given below.

  • Respect group admin
  • Always try to be active
  • Properly respect every member
  • Do not share any vulgar videos or photos
  • Do not promote your product in the non-related group

How To Join

From the below, you can join more than 1500+ active groups. If you do not know how to join easily without admin permission, then read the below steps carefully before joining any group. Let’s read.

  1. Scroll down, choose your group and click to open.
  2. It will automatically redirect to the group in your messenger app.
  3. Now, simply click the join button and enjoy everything.

Girls WhatsApp Group

Every girl or woman can join these groups easily for chatting with other unknown people. Even if you are a boy, you can also join and chat with them.

Just remember that every girl deserves respect from you and me.

Basically in this, every people shares their funny video, images, audio clip etc.

Randi WhatsApp Group

Randi is the common name in India, other country’s people may not know properly about it. Muslim, Hindu or Christian every buddy maybe Randi.

This group will give you the power of chatting to deal with the beautiful female. Also, you will able to do rough chatting with unknown girls free of cost.

Newspaper WhatsApp Group

Every person in this world loves to read news about their country and abroad.

So that you can easily read whole news from anywhere, some amazing guys have made news sharing groups for you. Here you will find the latest and original news.

Even, you can also share your area news with your friends for free.

Uber WhatsApp Group

If you want to avoid a lot of traffic or signals in your city, however surely Uber Car or Moto is the best for you.

Yes, from this active group you will able to get a good Uber driver and car with a super promo code.

Basically in this, you will get many bits of help and discount code from these ride-sharing groups.

Dating WhatsApp Group

Girls and boys both are waiting for you because you want to date with them. Even, you can choose for yourself from this group.

Every day many women and men are joining these types of groups. If you love to chat with an unknown person, then you must join.

Also, you will see their personal videos with free of cost before a date.

Bhabhi WhatsApp Group

It is a common name in India and Bangladesh. If you want to chat and flirting with them, then you have to join these active groups.

Remember, you have to respect them. If you have respect today, then you must get respect from anyone.

Also, you will get their number for contact with the direct phone call.

Business WhatsApp Group

Here, you can easily promote your Amazon, Flipkart, Click Bank, Hosting or Domain and many more products to your targeted customers.

But make sure that you will not be spamming here. Every member is really bored with this.

Also, you will get many amazing suggestions about your business freely from an expert.

Gay WhatsApp Group

India, America, Canada and many more countries have given legal rights to gay. Maybe in the USA, gay is a bit much than in other countries.

There is no Muslim community inside, most are Christians. If you are one of them, then you can join for making fun with others.

Even, you can choose your partner for chatting and dating.

Incest WhatsApp Group

There are many people on earth who love incest. If you are one of them, the following groups are there to get more people like you.

Here you will find incest boys and girls both.

Shemale WhatsApp Group

We usually call shemale to a third gender. If you need a shemale friend or want to spend a good time with them, join all active groups from below.

Click on the link and join to group for free.

YouTube WhatsApp Group

After editing your fun video or any video, share video to these groups. Even, you have the power to promote your YouTube channel for free.

Every person has a good behavior that from here you may get many subscribers, views, likes, and comments as well.

Just copy your video URL and send it to your all friends.

Whatsapp Status Group

From these status groups, you will get some beautiful status for downloading or you can save them on your downloader app for watching later.

Even, you can also be making these types of videos for sharing with your friends and family.

Be sure, your video has enough quality. Cause, people may download.

How To Create WhatsApp Group

  1. Open the WhatsApp application from your phone home screen.
  2. Click on the menu or chat option.
  3. Here you will see the new group option, just click it.
  4. Type your group name and hit the next button.
  5. Select members to add and tap the green arrow for finished.
  6. Now, you can customize your created group with your choice.
  1. Go to the group info option from your own group.
  2. Tap on the invite button to getting the link.
  3. Now copy it and share Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Well, if you want to share your group link on this MineZon website then type your invite link on the comment box. We will add in this post with free of cost.


In the present life, this app is the best communication with our friends or family. Even, most of the people are spending their time to WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok or anything else.

If you love to do chatting with unknown peoples, then you can join the above active and latest groups by using their WhatsApp group links.

And must also don’t forget to respect every man and woman.

Comment here if you face any problem to join any group or find the broken link. We will change the link as soon as possible.

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